Victor Del Greco Jr.


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  1. March 2, 2017. Gone but not forgotten, my friend.

    “Everything up there was spooky, and it would have been that way even if there had been no war. You were in a place where you didn’t belong, where things were glimpsed for which you would have to pay and where things went un-glimpsed for which you would also have to pay, a place where they didn’t play with the mystery but killed you straight off for trespassing. The towns had names that laid a quick, chilly touch on your bones: Kontum, Dak Mak Lop, Dak Roman Peng, Poli Klang, Buon Blech, Pleiku, Pleime, Plei Vi Drin. Just moving through those towns or being based somewhere above them spaced you out, and every time I’d have that vision of myself lying dead somewhere, it was always up there, in the Highlands.” –Michael Herr, writer (1940-)

  2. I was raised in Manchester, Connecticut and was a close friend of Victor during our high school days. I was in the Army and stationed in III Corps when Victor was killed on March 2, 1970. I did not learn of his death until years later. These pictures tug at my heart today, March 2, 2014, 44 years after his death.

    • Thank you for your service Terrance. Many fellow servicemen share in your grief for Victor. God rest his soul.

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