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173rd Airborne Brigade, N/75Ranger, 1969-1970, Foxtrot/Alpha/Charlie

I began writing after I returned home from Vietnam. Little did I know, it was a means of grace, and opened a window to my war torn soul, one millimeter at a time. Fresh breezes of life slipped in, and the war slowly leaked out.

SoulRanger.com is a unique tapestry woven with recollections and images of war and warriors, bound together with spiritual threads. It’s not an attempt to glorify war, or explain this war–if that were even possible. Rather, it reveals the story of a soldier’s arduous journey to the Rock and finding firm ground on which to plant his boots.

Posts include contributions from fellow LRRPs and Rangers, articles of interest from various writers and publications, and random pieces drawn from my writings over the years–recalling stories of friendship, tragedy and loss, inspiration and hope.

This site is dedicated to my brave friends in November Company and to all our fellow comrades who served with honor and courage in Vietnam.

With Gratitude, Bart Stamper


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