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During the Vietnam War, I served with the 173d Airborne Brigade, November Company, 75th Ranger Regiment from 1969 through 1970.  

Our five-man, long-range reconnaissance teams (LRRPs) ran intelligence gathering missions deep into enemy territory in the mountains of the Central Highlands, crisscrossed with a vast network of NVA supply lines from the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

SoulRanger.com is a tapestry woven with personal stories of war and warriors, bound with spiritual threads. We don’t glorify war or try to explain it.

In this blog we explore a variety of provocative topics with thoughtful commentary on war, culture, spirituality and the human experience. Included are contributions from fellow Veterans, active duty service members, their families, and articles of interest from various writers and publications. 

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With Gratitude,
Bart Stamper