I measure my chances of survival on a one-year scale. One year didn’t seem like much time in summers past–driving my hot rod down Federal Boulevard through the warm night air–wasting time like it would never run out. One year passed and another came, like they always had. But now twelve months seem impossible, and time grinds slow to an excruciating crawl. Each day stretches before me like a week, every hour is a day, and every minute is an hour. And as each second clicks grudgingly forward,…

John Knaus


Vietnam War veterans recount their experiences and reflect on their memories of the conflict from five decades ago. For many service members, these experiences still feel like they happened yesterday. More than 100 veterans from all branches of the U.S. armed services were interviewed for the program. They share moving stories of triumph and loss in the field of duty, of sacrificing nearly everything on the battlefield, and of the strong bond of brotherhood and companionship in the ranks. Archival video, historical photography and maps evoke the stark…



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